And all is well again

I had travelled mid june. By myself, far away, for the first time.

A friend told me that travelling makes them sad because it feels like your normal life is boring and meaningless when you come back. That hit the nail on its head.

Now the memories from the trip are fading. A lot faster than I like! So many things were nice, that’s partly why I felt so down afterwards after all. I wanted to hold on to everything – the people, the walking, the streets, the food, the new experiences. But I can’t. Obviously.


Now I’m back to normal.

I had urgent stuff to take care of.

Drawing some school book illustrations for a long time client. Researching the development of a stag beetle was both terrifying and eye opening. Did you know they live most of their lives (a couple of years) underground, and just a couple of weeks up in the air in their impressive final form until they die?

Then some private things that will change my living situation soon.

My head is still confused. I keep zoning out during the day to have conversations with myself, until I remember I wanted to prepare the next social media post.

Summer time is amazing. On my walks last week, when the summer breeze was flowing through my loose clothes, and the world was quiet in that way only summer can be during noon, I felt super happy. I don’t like heat, but I love summer.

And I love my new barefoot shoes, hah.

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