On writing

I wrote a lot in the past couple of years.

Especially scenes with my characters. Usually, I think through ideas during my morning walk to the office or a walk during the day. And once they feel fleshed out enough, I open up a new document and let it flow out in a 1-2 hour session. Scrap my to-do-list, the scene needs to get out. Now. Or it won’t ever.
I don’t edit them.

But writing often fails. I struggle to do a consistent newsletter. Maybe I set the stakes too high? I tried writing a diary, just 10 minutes every day. Didn’t work. Tutorials for Patreon? No chance.


When do you know if writing is for you or not? I haven’t found an answer yet. I guess, as long as you write, you’re a writer. No matter how often, how consistently.

Part of what keeps me from writing is that I don’t like my voice. When I write the first sentence in a diary entry, I go “oh God, that person is so annoying, so arrogant“.

But I still like writing, somehow. It’s different from drawing (which is my main, eh, “skill”). Writing is faster. It’s speed-of-light fast compared to drawing. But in drawing, I can judge when a picture is done. When it’s good enough. But judging how good a text is? No freaking idea.


Script writing for my comic is different, too. This spring, I set a routine in the mornings to work on the rest of the script for my comic “Green & Gold”. It worked surprisingly well. Once I started, I couldn’t stop (usually worked on it from 9-13, with breaks). Changing this dialogue, writing down a new scene here …

I worked on it over a couple of weeks, until I called it done. I haven’t looked at it for maybe two months now.

Writing this script was like building something. It wasn’t fluid chronological writing. But more like filling the gaps. I jot down random scenes. I read the whole volume again. I think about what the story is still lacking. I think of new scenes (maybe the hardest part). I fill the gaps. Like a big patchwork blanket that gets bigger and more colourful over time, but also needs to lose some of the patches that make it ugly.
I’m pretty proud of it actually, hah.


I don’t know how to end this post. I guess I just drop the pen and call it a day. That’s good enough.

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