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G&G Team – New team members

new storyboard artist and one or two new lineart artists are on board now. Welcome! 🙂 I might drop their names when we’re ready.

What a big team of 10+ people! I hope I didn’t forget anyone.

  • 3-4x Story consultants
  • 1x Storyboards
  • 1x Lineart backgrounds
  • 1x Lineart characters
  • 1x Flats 1x (Bonny Rumsfield)
  • 1x Speechbubbles+WT Format (Kate)
  • 1x Translator (Tom)
  • 1x proofreader English (Quinton)
  • 1x Me (lol)

Since Anna can’t do the storyboards anymore, I wanted to find a new storyboard artist. Doing storyboards in the best part of making a comics for me, but it takes a lot of time. So outsourcing it might be the better idea for now. Finding a fitting storyboard artist isn’t easy as it not only requires technical skill, but the artist and me have to be on the same level in regards to understanding how the story works and how it’s best presented visually.

And for the linearts, one artist will do the backgrounds (rooms and outdoors), and the other will draw the characters, but only their bodies. Creepy, I know, haha. While outsourcing backgrounds might work well, I’m not sure about the characters. Drawing the last scene showed that it was hard to not draw the bodies as well when drawing the heads. We’ll see.

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