G&G gets *officially* published! Ahhh

Ok, this is big news!

I haven’t said a word until now because I don’t have the time to take proper pictures and write proper posts X_X (Working on the comic at full speed though, so it’s okay, haha)

So you’ll just get a not-perfect post with not-perfect pictures now, but it’s better than staying silent for longer.

Here’s my official dtv page, hehe. You can preorder the books for example at Amazon, Thalia, Hugendubel.

G&G will be published by dtv which is a well known German publisher. You got questions, here are some answers:

Why a publisher?

Self publishing got too much. Simple as that. I looove packing orders and doing it all myself. But especially in 2023, I kickstarted the first 2 books in English, and I … just didn’t draw anymore. That was a big wakeup call. I asked myself what I want to do more, and the answer was: drawing. So.

What, how, when, huh?

G&G volume 1 will be released on July 11 2024! Aaaand volume 2 will follow just a month later, at August 15 2024. German(y) only.

The selfpublished books will be discontinued for now.

The content is similar to the selfpublished books. We just assembled the chapters in a new way:
Volume 1: chapter 1-3
Volume 2: chapter 4-6
Volume 3: chapter 7-9

That means the first couple of books will be thicker, but it will catch up at some point.

What about the English edition?

It was important to me to keep all rights of the English edition. (The publisher said it’s nearly impossible to get it to the US/UK, but they might still try. We’ll see.) That means I will still selfpublish G&G (English) and sell the books through Kickstarter/my online shop. No changes for you!

What about the webcomic/Patreon?

Everything stays as is. Basically, the only new thing is that we’ll get nice new German books. I kept the right to post pages to Patreon as I like, as well as updating comic platforms (Animexx, Tapas, Webtoon).

What about the story?

Hah, several publishers were interested. And some of them wanted to go the romance route. If you know me a bit, you know I’m allergic to romance stories. So I was super lucky that dtv was fine with the story as is. No story changes needed. And regarding the ending … well … hihi. I actually wrote an ending these days. Does it contain a happy couple or not? Stay tuned.

Thanks for your ongoing support, especially to all my patrons! ♥♥♥

Now some pictures for your eyes:

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