Or inbetween-projects-restlessness.


It’s that feeling of uncertainty after you’ve written the last word, drawn the last line, sent the last file of your project. You wake up the next morning and … don’t know what to do. Your everyday anchor of working on something useful is gone. You’ve stepped out of the car that you’ve been driving non stop for the past weeks or months, or years, and look at the fields around you. You’re not moving forward anymore. But also not moving back. And your legs tell you to keep moving.

I’m in that exact spot right now.

G&G chapter 10 is basically done and so is my nice 90 min/day linearts routine. Freedom! Uh … can freedom feel threating? Oh yes, it can.

Freedom comes in lots of shapes and sizes. It’s important to value freedom in general. But funnily enough, it can feel overwhelming.

6 months ago, after G&G volume 4 was finished, I couldn’t bear that freedom for even a few days. That “I don’t know exactly know what to work on every day”. I wanted to start a new comic back then as well and … failed. So I just kept working on G&G because that felt safe.

New chance! This time, I knew I would feel that way. So what’s the solution? To endure it. To know why I’m pausing this routine. Because I have a goal and that is to finally make a new comic, my goodness.

Well, I’ve not started working on a new comic yet.

I still have some things to do (finishing the colours+text of G&G ch10, editing the storyboard of ch13, finishing Digital Sketches 4, taking care of the Kickstarter). I think these tasks help me to transition from project A to project B. But I also notice that I misuse them to avoid starting a new comic, ha.

So I want to remind me of what is the most important thing again and again. Do the necessary tasks to keep the business running, but make a new comic.

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