The Daily Highlight

Are you getting overwhelmed with the endless lists of tasks that stare at you from your to-do-list?

Here’s a neat tip that decreased my work related stress by a ton.


Choose only one task you really want or
need to get done every day.



Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous. John Zeratzky and Jake Knapp call it the “Daily Highlight” in their book “Make time”.

I have a spot on my whiteboard where I put down my daily highlight every morning. While working on a chapter of my comic, 90% of the time, it said “G&G Ch10 Linearts 1 h 30“.

It’s the single most important thing I need or want to get done today. I still do other things from my to-do list, but making just 1 task stand above everything really reminds me of what is the most important thing to me on that day.

What’s your daily highlight for today?

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